Writing an Essay

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An essay is a piece of writing several paragraphs long instead of just one paragraphs. It is written about one topic, just as a paragraph is. However, the topic essay is too long and too complex to discuss in one paragraph. Therefore, you divide the topic into several paragraphs, one for each major point. Then you must of the separate paragraphs together by adding an introduction and a conclusion.

Writing an essay is no more difficult than writing a paragraph except the essay is longer. The principles of organization are the same for both, so if you can a good paragraph, you can write a good essay.

An essay has three main parts:
1. An introductory paragraph
2. A body (at least one, but usually two or more paragraphs)
3. A concluding paragraph

The introductory paragraph consists of two parts: a few get statement about your subject to attract your reader’s attention and the statement to state the specific subdivision of your topic and/or the “plan” of paper. A thesis statement for an essay is just like a topic sentence for a paragraph.

The body consists of one or more paragraphs. Each paragraph developed subdivision of your topic, so the number of paragraphs in the body will vary with number of subdivisions. The paragraphs of the body are like the main support points of a paragraph. Furthermore, just as you can organize the ideas in a paragraph chronological order or by order of importance, you can organize the paragraphs in essay in the same ways.

The conclusion in an essay, like the concluding sentence in a paragraph, summary or review of the main points discussed in the body.

The only additional element in an essay is the linking expressions between the paragraphs of the body. These are just like transitions within a paragraph. You use transitions within a paragraph to connect the ideas between two sentences. Similarly, you use transitions between paragraphs to connect the ideas between them.

All writers (even professionals) complain that the most difficult part writing getting trying to think of your first sentence? Getting started, or writing introduction, can be easy if you remember that an introduction has four :
1. It introduces the topic of the essay.
2. It gives a general background of the topic.
3. It often indicates the overall “plan” of the essay.
4. It should arouse the teacher’s interest in the topic.

The introduction has two parts:
1. General statements
2. A thesis statement

General statements:
1. Introduce the topic of the essay.
2. Give background information on the topic.

The thesis statement:
1. States the main topic.
2. List the subdivisions of the topic.
3. May indicate the method of organization of the entire paper.
4. Is usually the last sentence in the introductory paragraph.

The Concluding Paragraph

This paragraph should include the following:
1. an allusion to the pattern used in the introductory paragraph,
2. a restatement of the thesis statement, using some of the original language or language that “echoes” the original language. (The restatement, however, must not be a duplicate thesis statement.)
3. a summary of the three main points from the body of the paper.
4. a final statement that gives the reader signals that the discussion has come to an end. (This final statement may be a “call to action” in an persuasive paper.)

Transition signals between paragraphs

Transition signals are important not only within paragraphs but also between paragraphs. If you write two or more paragraphs, you need to show the relation between your first and second paragraph, between your second and third paragraph and so on.
Think of transitions between paragraphs as the links of chain. The linkage chain connect the chain; they hold it together. Similarly, a transition signal between two paragraphs links your ideas together.
Two paragraphs are linked by adding a transition signal to the topic sentence the second paragraph. This transition signal may be a single word, a phrase dependent clause that repeats or summarizes the main idea in the first paragraph.

Writing and revising the essay

You were introduced to writing and revising drafts of a single paragraph, important steps in the writing process. You learned that writing a good paragraph takes time and effort. You were also taken through the steps of the revision process by studying the drafts of the model paragraph.
Just as you wrote several drafts of your paragraphs before your final copy, you will also continue to write and revise several drafts of your essays until you have produced a final copy that you can be proud of.

Parts of an Essay

1. The Introduction opens the essay. It is a short paragraph – usually about THREE sentences.

In an argument essay, it usually describes or summarizes both sides of the present situation and says what you are going to do in your essay.

2. The Body is the main part of the essay. In an argument essay, it is divided into two or three paragraphs, giving your opinion and reasons.

Each paragraph in the body is between FIVE and SEVEN sentences long.

3. The Conclusion is the end of the essay. It is a short paragraph – about THREE sentences. It often has the same idea as the Introduction, only in different words.


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